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Whether you get a vinyl storage building or a wood shed, you can get a shed that's built to order from the team at Mountain Road Structures LLC. There are many different options available, and all of our sheds are handcrafted by the Amish.


You can choose from a variety of shingle colors, stain colors, and paint colors in addition to a variety of styles of doors and windows. Call us today to get a site visit and a FREE estimate for a new shed.

Get a handcrafted shed

Great warranties are available

Make your shed the most functional for you by adding great features, such as hay racks, feed troughs, and flower boxes. You can also get corner brackets, strap hinges, or a horseshoe latch for your shed.


Your shed also comes with several warranties including a 5-year full warranty on siding, a 15-year warranty on paint, and a lifetime warranty on shingles for a metal roof. Buy a new shed today. Rent-to-own options are also available.

To get your custom shed, call us today.


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